Sorry, there is no Concert Hall in Cheadle. The nearest is at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, about 8 miles away. This page is devoted to music and Midi.

I have a Yamaha PSR-400 Keyboard and use Cakewalk Professional for Windows

I am organist and choirmaster at one of the local Churches in Cheadle, Cheshire, UK and so my main interest is organ and choral music. But I like to experiment with modern gospel music as well, but my percussion patterns are very amateurish at present! If you like organ music visit the CMOS Page

I intend to keep this page updated at regular intervals with some samples of different types of music. Currently, there are three types: Classical Organ Music, Light Piano Pieces, and Easy listening Piano, Strings & Things. These have been written for the Yamaha Keyboard, so, apart from the piano only section, may sound strange via a sound card. These are all my own arrangements and are in no way meant to breech any copyright. If anyone has any problems regarding copyright please let me know and I will remove the offending file.


Toccata. Dubois

Fantasie. Saint Saens

'Forgive them...' from The Seven Last Words. Ridout

The 'Giant' Fugue. J S Bach

Toccata from Suite Gothic. Boellman

Organ Sonata 3 - First Movement. F Mendelssohn

Toccata from Symphonie V pour Orgue. C M Widor


Rondo alla Turca. Mozart

Brazilian Sleigh Bells. Percy Faith

Piano Sonata 'Pathetique'. Beethoven

Robins Return. L Fisher

The Entertainer. S Joplin

William Tell Overture. Rossini


Theme from TV 'Brideshead Revisited'

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bright Eyes

Theme from the film 'Exodus'

Horn Concerto. Mozart

Theme from TV 'Narnia'